Mercy Academy of Training Academics & The Arts (M.A.T.A.A)

M.A.T.A.A is geared towards enabling women to become empowered to live more fruitful lives by creating opportunities for them to become trained and educated in a vairety of fields. The Academy is open to women aged 18years and over and covers:

  • Resourceful Skills Development Programs & Workshops 
  • Secondary level Education i.e. CAPE and CXC
  • Music & Dance

These programs are tailored to help those who may have missed the opportunity to develop themselves due to cirucmstances, those who are making better choices to impact their future and those who are just interested in making better lives for themselves and their families.

Our Programs

Our Resourceful Skills Development Program is geared towards empowering women in the development  of their gifts, encouraging productivity and enabling financial independence. The program is usually run in cycles which last for a period of 4 to 6 weeks and is open to women 16 years and over. Given the current conditions and in keeping with Covid-19 restrictions, the program is run onlive via the Zoom platform. Certification is provided upon completion for participation.

At the end of each cycle we facilitate 2 workshops to help those interested in starting their own businesses, they are:

  1. Starting & Operating a Small Business
  2. Financial Management for Small Business

We also provide a platforn for our program graduates who are new and budding entrepreneurs, to have an online presence for thier business via our Resourceful Online Marketplace 

Courses Include:

  1. Digital Marketing & Branding
  2. Bread & Pastries
  3. Cakes and Cake Decoration
  4. Candle Making
  5. Soap Making
  6. Acrylic Nail Design
  7. Makeup Artistry
  8. Gardening & Horticulture
  9. Photography
  10. Jewelry Making
  11. Soft Furnishings
  12. Drapery Making
  13. Local & International Cuisine
  14. Floral Arrangement
Courses are tuition FREE, however, a registration fee is required for participating in the class. 
Click Here to regsiter

Our Secondary Education program targets persons that may have missed the opportunity to achieve this level of education due to mismanaged time or just life’s circumstances. We offer lessons with the opportunity to enroll with the Ministry of Education to write CAPE examinations when offered. 

Subjects offered include:

  1. Mathematics
  2. English
  3. Principles of Business (P.O.B.)
  4. Principles of Accounts (P.O.A.)
These classes will be available in 2022.


Our Music Programs include




No prior experience is necessary. Enroll as an extra curricular or for career development in the field.

Classes will begin in 2022.

MIWOF boasts of a core team of staff members that are qualified through a relationship with Godb as well as  skills and experience.

Our Administrative Director Mrs Michelle Alexander oversees all M.A.T.A.A Programs and their development.

We also engage volunteer Facilitators who are aptly qualified and experienced for our various programs.

Are you ready?


If you think your loved one needs Mercy and you want to know more details about our application process, please contact us at (868-739-8573)

Signs and Symptoms

You can best identify whether you or someone you know is struggling and in need of help by becoming more aware of these issues and their symptoms. Learn more by clicking on the links below

  1. Self-harm/Suicide
  2. Depression
  3. Physical & Sexual Abuse
  4. Drug & Alcohol Addiction
  5. Unplanned Pregnancy
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